About Us
Globex eServices Inc. (www.globex-incorp.com) is a leading cross-border e-commerce services company in China, one of the member companies of CHINA MERCHANTS GROUP (www.cmhk.com), and located in the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone. By making full use of the information technology, Globex completes the electronic data exchanges among the relevant parties in the trading process, and provides a one-stop online transaction solution for import & export businesses , which significantly enhances the convenience of international trade.
Facilitate International Trade by Information Technology.

June 5,2014

Completed the first export order in China with tax rebateservice under the Customs Supervision Model of "9610"

September 9,2014

Completed the first import order in Shenzhen under the Customs Supervision Model of"1210"

January 15 ,2016

Made use of digital information technology to construct the first integrated online services platform for export business

January 25,2016

Partnered with ICBC to open up the first online settlement system for international trade in China

Decemeber 28,2016

Partnered with Global Sources to launch the first online B2B transaction system for international trade


Partnered with the Customs and China Merchants Bonded Logistics to launch the Global Warehousing Center,which can facilitate various patterns of international trade